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Dani is a classically trained mezzo soprano with impeccable teaching and coaching credentials. While drawing upon the Bel Canto methods under which she trained, her teaching repertoire also spans the genres of popular, soul, and jazz through to musical theatre and opera. Just as important, Dani's life experience has left her resolute in the belief that singing should be as much about self expression and fulfilment as the pursuit of vocal excellence per se. Not everyone expects or even desires to achieve professional acclaim and clients are rightly motivated by goals that are many and varied.

Of course, professional artists always value regular training or refresher courses. And they often have specific needs or objectives - the requirement perhaps to learn a new genre or maybe to practice ahead of an audition, performance or recording session. Increasingly these days, other performers such as actors or dancers find themselves with singing parts that require preparation. Such requirements are usually met by tailor-made programmes designed to match the client's need.

On the other hand you may be an enthusiastic amateur, a complete beginner even, someone finally plucking up the courage to explore your singing voice beyond the bathroom. And why not? The holistic values that come from singing - the self confidence, the heightened self esteem - are things beginners often appreciate the most. For the voice coach too, there is no greater reward than seeing a pupil grow before the teacher's very eyes.

Dani finds particular pleasure when using her skills to get the best out of people, something that can manifest itself in many ways. Corporate clients often have tired senior managers running on flat batteries; these people can return to the office re-launched and re-invigorated after a singing course. Similarly, some individuals recognise they need a little outside help with their own issues of self confidence, to enhance their personal or professional lives. Dani has also worked with youngsters, those whom others might label 'difficult' but who in truth are just young, developing adults struggling to come to terms with their own sense of self.

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