About meTomorrow

Working with you and for you offering bespoke personal coaching and mentoring

Helping people make the right choices in life

meTomorrow will enable you to have an effective voice by assisting you to become aware of the personality you project and if necessary helping you project an impressive voice in terms of tone, fluency of speech, appropriate language and confidence projection. We can help you identify your choices and more importantly we will be available to work with you 1:1 at a time suitable for you and be there at the end of the phone to keep up the energy.

We coach, nurture and challenge but will also hold you to account to really deliver to your strengths, which will greatly reduce the very significant “risks” associated with this critical journey. We not only provide tailored and personalised help and support for young adults, but also for their families.

Our Founder Dani Bernstein also has her own Executive Search Business and has had many years working at Director level within the corporate world and also with independent businesses. So she is ideally placed to also work with middle and senior management looking for their next big challenge.

Dani has carefully selected a variety or mentors with distinctive areas of expertise so we can find the ideal mentor to suit each candidate’s needs.


meTomorrow divides the journey into three different programmes:

Leaving School

Maximising University

Business and Professional Readiness

Depending on needs, clients (students and families) may select one, two or three of the above programmes - not all students opt to go to university, we can help facilitate this decision in the Leaving School programme. Depending on needs, programmes will offer elements from the following:

  1. A detailed consultation
  2. 1-1 Coaching with telephone follow ups
  3. A tailored plan with timelines Direction on success enhancing courses and/or specialised training
  4. Guidance on becoming a “Stand Out” candidate
  5. Academic assessment Access to employers/recruitment specialists
  6. Personal statement, CV, interview technique and prep support
  7. Access to work experience
  8. Specialised training
  9. 1:1 time with industry/sector experts

Programme options

Each of the three programmes will have a standard offering to which additional elements can be bolted on. The standard offering is a fixed price with items listed from 1-4 and 5-9 being priced separately allowing clients to further tailor the programme to their needs and according to their budgets.

Start your journey today

Contact Dani via email at dani@daniellebernstein.co.uk